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North Eastern Organizational 

"The only sustainable source of competitive advantage is your organization's ability to learn faster than its competition."                        

-Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline


mid 17th century: from Latin, ‘a binding together,’ from nex- ‘bound,’ from the verb nectere .


Our Mission

We are committed to the economic development, sustainability, and growth of our local and regional communities through focused strategy, effective communication, and symbiotic business relationships.


The business climates in Vermont and the North East are unique, yet challenging, environments. Corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits across the region face challenges every day, from employee motivation to minimal financial resources. Nexus positions itself as the resource for like minded innovators who are ready to change the current reality and overcome these challenges.


It is our goal to cultivate an elite nexus of forward thinking community and business leaders to better themselves and those around them. This hybrid community combines live, person to person and group meetings with the use of technology to communicate with each other and share experiences.  Members will learn the tools necessary for success in the 21st century through analysis, workshops, coaching and integrated curriculum. Armed with the tools from Nexus and its strategic partners, members will drive their company or organization to meet today’s ever changing demands.


Our Values

The Nexus is founded on the ideals of organizational learning by Peter Senge and the Society of Organizational Learning. Our mission is to promote these ideals to foster vibrant connections between representative, recognized business, educational, and nonprofit leaders on the cornerstones of organizational vision and creating strong teams.  The Nexus' strategic alliance with SoL opens the opportunity for our  members to connect to the collective body of knowledge of a worldwide organization of businesses and institutions.


Motivation  |  Planning   |   Networking   |   Communication   |   Learning

The North Eastern Organizational NEXUS is proud to be a satellite organization and strategic partner of the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL).

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