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Stonewall Hardscapes established a base business in an extremely competitive sector of the construction industry. The owners goal was to grow the company to the next level – and do it responsibly.

Continuum performed a current state analysis and created future vision clarification.

This led to three key strategic initiatives:

• Direct and personal marketing to the existing customer base and

to the suppliers and industry general contractors.

• Building an efficient infrastructure to support new sales growth.

• Developing financial savvy and tools to guide growth and performance.  With a focused

effort on these strategies the company increased sales by over

150% while providing excellent customer service and value.

“Barry has been an integral beacon for the responsible growth of my company in just a few short years of his service.  He has the keen ability to rise above any given situation, good or bad, and bring the owner/manager with him, effectively widening the lens and deciphering what needs to be done now in order to thrive in the future.  His lifelong experiences within diverse industries, coupled with a genuine passion for the search of “business perfection,” create a wealth of knowledge and pertinent insights for any business owner or manager.  His ability to assess, identify and label possible barriers to success, as well as inspiring strategies to overcome those barriers now and in the future, make him a priceless asset for any company.  His contribution to my business has provided value that will last a lifetime.”


Owner, Stonewall Hardscape

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