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The company develops and supplies a complex electronic device to OEM companies in the business to business market. The failure to deliver a high quality product to large customers in a timely fashion was resulting in lost business, throwing the organization into a complete reactive mode, which in turn caused loss of efficiency and underperformance by a competent, dedicated staff.

Continuum analyzed the problem and helped execute a new business plan based on outsourcing all production to a good contract manufacturing company and improving documentation and communication between staff and production. These actions resulted in a right sized inventory of finished goods, improved productivity, and allowed more time for owners and staff to focus on marketing and new product development. In the end, delivery of a better product and improved cash flow through better inventory management helped this company survive the economic recession.

“Barry worked closely with me to help me understand how this project should be managed.

He began with the basics. Objectives were identified. He worked closely with me to build production plans and materials purchasing processes, managing inventory and scheduling.  We reduced our on-hand inventory by over 30% through selective purchasing and scheduled deliveries.


We worked with our subcontract manufacturer to plot product process flow and seek areas for improvement. He led us through a negotiation process that saw both companies making concessions and commitments. Probably the best advice Barry left me with was to occasionally take a step back and try to look at problem from high up. This has helped me see the big picture.

Barry also taught me how to fly fish, although I have yet to catch my first fish!”


Manufacturing Manager, Electronic Product Development Company

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