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Increased operating efficiency to allow for increased market share while maintaining client quality expectations.

This industrial window and door replacement business was experiencing very rapid growth that was outpacing the capacity of the organization to respond. Since the company was built on delivering superior customer service in a highly competitive industry, this new growth spurt was creating extreme

organizational chaos and stress.

Continuum assessed the situation and discovered that the new business growth, the result of aggressive marketing, was resulting in new sales into different, more complex markets in an expanded geography.

We helped develop a new strategic plan consistent with the owners’ future vision and goals and the new complex market environment. The result was, in a stress producing highly competitive New York, New Jersey industry, the company learned to make better critical decisions and operate more successfully.


The key leverage point we identified was to increase operating efficiency in order to restore high customer value during this rapid growth. All staff and field operations responsibilities were reviewed against roles required to execute the new strategic plan. Putting the right people in the right roles and developing new processes for the growing volume resulted in a less reactive, more productive company.

“My personal experience with Barry Mirakian was through the excellent coaching he provided to help me transform from a lower level management mentality to a higher executive level view, which is not as easy as one might think.  Barry’s experience and broad spectrum of knowledge proved very helpful to me in both the production and financial operations of my position as well as personally.  From the training exercises, to the constructive criticism, to the detailed explanation of how and why to look at circumstances from different angles have made a tremendous difference with how I handle day to day activities in both my professional and personal life.  He provided the unbiased “set of eyes and ears” that I truly needed.  The ability to learn how to examine things from different points of view has reduced my stress level dramatically and I feel has made me a more productive and approachable person.  I feel what I have learned from working with Barry is priceless.”



Director of Operations, New Jersey Window Erectors

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