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Barry Mirakian, President of The Continuum Group
Barry Mirakian

Barry Mirakian is the President of The Continuum Group. His passion is working with small business owners committed to the goal of achieving sustainable business success. He has 25 plus years of hands on management, leadership experience and a proven track record as a dynamic and creative problem solver. 

Barry’s career includes time as President of S.B. Electronics in Barre, Vermont. At SBE his challenge was to rapidly get new product lines into niche markets as an offset against global competition which had begun to erode the company’s market share. In doing so, Barry and the management team successfully positioned the company for sale to new ownership.  While serving as VP of Operations for SBE, he helped grow the company by improving operations and developing new products and processes, broadening the company’s customer base and reducing dependence on a dominant customer.  

From 1991-1996 Barry served as Vice President and General Manager for Revere Graphics Worldwide in Massachusetts, where he was responsible for the operations of this $21 million producer of photoengraving metals and chemicals.  While at Revere he improved operations and developed innovative new products and manufacturing processes to achieve market leadership and independence from a single supplier of critical materials.  

From 1972 to 1991 Barry worked in varying leadership capacities for the Polaroid Corporation.  


He holds a BS from Northeastern University, and has attended the Financial Management Program at the University of Virginia, as well as the Executive Development and Technology Development Programs at Stanford University. Barry has studied at the Schools of Small Business Coaching and Graduate School of Corporate Coaching. A lifelong learner, he is continuously studying the art and science of business management.

Barry’s other passion is fly fishing. He believes in and often uses the lessons of the outdoors and fly fishing as metaphors for complex business situations.

Stu Anderson

Stewart Anderson is the co-owner and Chief Learning Officer of The Continuum Group.  Stewart's expertise in creating sustainable change in both large and small organizations developed as a result of his experiences in over 40 years of leadership positions and decision making authority in both public education and business.

Stu's undergraduate degrees in education and psychology launched him into 13 years as a special education teacher, administrator and family counselor.  This was followed by over 20 years owning and operating his own businesses in real estate, residential home construction and later, the auto industry.  The final 10 years of his full time working career was as a business consultant. His education has continued throughout his career earning Stewart a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies and, most importantly to him and his career as a business consultant, the guidance received under the tutelage of Robert Hannig and Peter Senge at the "Society of Organizational Learning" or SoL.

SoL is the brainchild of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor and Author of "The Fifth Discipline," Peter Senge.  Stewart's involvement with the network of organization leaders throughout the world that SoL created, has given him the tools and best practices that have served his clients in their successes with sustainable change initiatives so well.

Prior to The Continuum Group, Stu owned The Stewart Lyle Group where he worked with small and mid-size companies as their "Transitional CEO," training the decision makers and leaders, techniques to infuse  a learning culture into their organizations allowing them to better adapt and compete to the ever changing and competitive environments they faced.  Although retired from everyday work Stewart still enjoys working with organizations grow their business and create new and innovative management solutions.

Brand Management
LONDONmiddlebury, Brand Management, Burlington Vermont
Brand Management

LONDONmiddlebury partners with clients from the private, public, and non-profit sectors to strengthen brand image and implement systems that work. We aim to provide in-depth, focused analysis that not only details our clients' strengths and opportunities, but their weaknesses and threats as well. Our mission is to provide a road map for your brand based on analytical and historical data. From marketing to communications, public relations to point of sale, your brand is at your core. We are here to put your brand on the map.

Collaborating with LONDONmiddlebury is simple: we are an extension of your team. We are not “just another agency” — or even an agencyat all. Think of us as those extra team members who know the ins and outs of the branding world and happen never to come into your 

office. We are your web developers, your graphic designers, your digital media experts, PR professionals, and more. Our team is your team.Whenever you need us.

Phil Schuman, Sales Training & Consulting, Burlington Vermont
The Schuman Group
Sales Training & Consulting

The Schuman Group’s founder Phil Schuman, brings over twenty years experience in business to business sales, learning the ropes in London and Boston in copier sales, followed by ten years in sales management and national sales training for Fortune 500 company DHL Express in Manhattan.


The Schuman Group was born as a result of seeing first-hand that many businesses may understand how important the sales effort is, but simply don’t have the manpower to dedicate the time that is needed to build a winning sales strategy and guide their sales team effectively. Once the sales department is equipped with the right tools, only then can success follow!

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