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“The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization's ability to learn faster than the competition.”-Peter Senge

The Program

Business owners, leaders, and their organizations make scores of decisions every day. The consequences of those decisions can be far reaching.


Uninformed decisions can be devastating, even fatal to a smaller company. On the other hand, good decisions coming out of strategy and planning, could open pathways to great success.

The Results

The 6 core principles of the Growth Continuum provide the platform for making better informed, lower risk decision making, resulting in long term, sustainable growth.

Every company wants to consistently, over time, improve its customer building, revenue growing, and profit generating capacity. They want to grow the business. That is the goal - the target.

The Clients

What defines our clients is not the amount of revenue they bring in or number of employees, but is the goal they want to achieve.  Most have a slight understanding of how to attain their vision, but have realized they need guidance and expert advice to efficiently obtain it.


For business leaders all around the region, working with The Continuum Group has been the change they needed to grow their company to the next level.

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The Continuum Group

5003 Randolph Road

Morrisville, VT 05661


Phone: (802) 249-8783

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The Continuum Group is a loosely affiliated group of qualified and experienced business people, consultants and coaches who are available to support clients in a variety of special or complex issues.  Based in Morrisville, Vermont, The Continuum Group provides consulting and coaching services to business owners struggling with growth and underperformance issues.

Barry Mirakian is the President of The Continuum Group. His passion is working with small business owners committed to the goal of achieving sustainable business success. He has 25 plus years of hands on management, leadership experience and a proven track record as a dynamic and creative problem solver. 

Growth on the Fly, Small Business growth and recovery

GROWTH on the FLY is a revolutionary new book that will change the way your business thinks about strategy. 

The objective of every business owner is to consistently, over time, improve its customer building, revenue growing, and profit generating capacity.

The six principles of the Growth Continuum described in this book will provide any business leader with the ability to make well informed decisions fast, especially in crises or… you might say, on the fly.

Growth on the Fly
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